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Indie Authors vs Self-published – The days of ‘traditional’ publishing are gone, or at least unattainable to the majority of writers around the world. Thanks to modern technology and some pretty cool Apps, publishing a book is easier than ever. Here’s the thing, without the copy editors, proof-readers, professional formatters and designers that come with traditional publishing a lot of really (really) bad books get self-published. As the saying goes: One bad apple… We’ve all heard it, “I don’t read self-published books” or worse yet, the gut-clenching “Self-published authors aren’t ‘real’ authors”. Deep breathe, exhale slowly while counting to three. People don’t realize an Indie-author spends more time crafting their book than Stephen King or Jodi Picoult does (both very nice people I’m sure). A true Indie-author writes and rewrites, edits and re-edits, agonizes over the use of the Oxford comma and the double space dilemma. Pressures their family and friends into reading their work and giving feedback. suffers the heartache of the endless stream of query rejections. In the end, after months or years of work, they have an amazing book worthy of the Barnes and Noble bookshelves, but without the resources of the traditional publisher they have very few options for marketing it.

While writing my book (currently unpublished), I noticed many of my Twitter-writer friends were struggling with marketing and promoting their self-published books. I had developed on-line friendships with several authors and wanted to support them with more than a ‘like’, ‘retweet’ or Insta-post. What’s the ultimate goal of a writer? No, not fame and fortune, it’s to have people read their stories and hopefully, love them. With that in mind, I decided to buy signed copies of their books. When I received them, I posted and tweeted the book cover, their signature/inscription and a short blurb about their book. The response from the on-line writing community was overwhelmingly positive, so I decided to buy a few more… Now, two years later and nearly 240 signed books on my shelves, it’s time to move my indie support project to the next level. To do this, I’m going to need a little help from you; all the authors, writers, and readers out there.  If everyone who sees this, purchases just one or two cards, we, as a community can help support hundreds of indie authors and artists.

To view additional indie supported individuals along with a brief review of their book visit: https://www.instagram.com/publishquest/

A percentage of sales will be used to help support indie authors, artists, and musicians.

hand-drawn fun, quirky cards for all occasions.
All illustrations featured on these cards have been hand drawn. Many were originally intended to be book illustrations in my YA/Middle Grade books.

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A percentage of each purchase will be used to support Indie authors, artists and musicians.