The Secret Keeper

img_0353Evil lies within us all.  Everyone has the capacity to be either good or evil. Which of these we become, ultimately, depends on how we choose to live our lives.  Although people don’t always realize it, life is a series of choices. Most choices are insignificant, what will I eat for dinner?  What will I watch on TV?  Some choices, however, change us as a person. Will I lie or tell the truth?  Will I show kindness or cruelty?  Will I steal or go without?  These choices, by themselves aren’t life changing, but over time, they shape the type of person we evolve into.

Making these decisions should be easy, but they’re not.  Throughout history there have been forces in the world trying to lure people down one of two paths; the path to evil or the path to good.

The individuals who tempt people to a life of evil are called Gildens.  Gildens lack the capacity to feel love, compassion and empathy.  They are deceptive; they entice people with false promises.  They try to influence through fear and lies.

The individuals who lead people towards a life of good are called Heralds.   Heralds instill love, trust and compassion.  They set examples of how to be better people. They emulate good deeds and inspire people to help others in need.

The most enduring of these Heralds is Santa Claus.  Many centuries ago, Santa Claus was known and loved by people of all ages.  In December, towns around the world would hold festivals in his honor. Tables overflowed with cakes, cookies and candies.  They welcomed him into their homes and considered him part of their families.  They wrote songs about him and created dances in anticipation of his arrival.

History has shown that whenever a Herald begins to unite people in a common purpose that tips the balance in favor of good, the ever-present forces of evil begin to act.  Gildens set out to destroy the herald of good, Santa Claus.  They told lies about his intention.  They fabricated stories about his actions and instilled doubt of his existence.  As lies often do, over time, they spread.  The spark of fear that Gildens introduced grew.  People began to turn him away when he arrived in their towns.  They no longer welcomed into their homes or at their festivals.

A true Herald, however, is not easily deterred.  He continued his good deeds, but under a shroud of darkness.  He secretly entered their homes unseen.  Eventually, history was re-written. The existence of Santa Claus became a legend, a mere fairy tale.   Despite evil’s efforts the herald, Santa Claus, was not destroyed entirely.  Many continued to believe in him.  Today, the believers are mostly children, but they believe with such passion and conviction that Santa Claus’s influence continues to lead masses of individuals to the path of good.

Evil, however, never gives up. It watches; it plans; it schemes; it waits patiently for just the right time to act.

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