The Secret Keeper Book 2 Concept

Kings Village: Six quiet months have passed since the confrontation with Nikolas. The paralyzing grip of fear that held so tightly to Walter after Nikolas disappeared had slowly eased into a dull, unsettling feeling. Walter knows Nikolas will eventually seek revenge for the mangled face and punctured eye he inflicted on him when he threw the Blizzard-Maker and fear is a powerful motivator. Walter, Noelle and Chris had spent the past several months preparing for that day they will be face-to-face with Nikolas again.
Walter’s mother still reeling from the loss of her husband goes to California to stay with her sister for an ‘extended’ period of time. While she is away Walter moves in with Mr. Abernathy.
cropped-img_0355.pngThings were finally getting back to normal. At least they were until, the news started to report events happening around the world that were bizarre and unexplainable. Walter, Mr. Abernathy and the Frosts began to suspect Nikolas may be involved. Their suspicions were confirmed when they read about a mysterious, unidentified man selling diamonds in Bangladesh.
Elsewhere: Nikolas had not been working alone. In fact, he was just a small part of a much bigger plan. While Nikolas was forcing the elves to dig for the special coal to turn into diamonds, Gildens around the world were preparing for the day when they too would step out of their perceived fairy tale existence and enter the world as a reality. In Austria, Krampus, a nightmarish horned demon known as ‘Santa’s Enforcer’ or ‘Holiday Devil’ had been searching the world for potentially vulnerable cultures and locations. In Greece, Kallikantzaroi, a group of evil underground goblins had been amassing weapons and honing their fighting skills. In Iceland, the Yule Lads – 13 troll brothers led by eldest brother Gryla, moved out of their cave deep in the mountains and began constructing a fortress to be used as a prison. When these four groups; the money, the strategic planner, the worriers and the jailors unite, they will form a force more sinister and more powerful than any other force the world has ever seen.


Walter, Noelle, Chris, Dog, Mr. Abernathy and Mrs. Frost, the only ones who know Nikolas plan decide to find Nikolas and stop him. They search the debris and discarded trash around the portals with the snapped Distance-bridgers Nikolas used to travel to other locations. They find clues that help them determine where the portals led. They reattach new distance-bridgers and set out to find Nikolas. Along the way they meet other Heralds that help them discover the truth; Krolley , Krampus’s younger brother. Befana, an ugly, but Kind witch and Spinata, the oldest and wisest spider.

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