Anyone Else Trying To get Published?

I honestly believe, if I can get my book published, it will be a huge success. I know this thought may fall in the realm of self delusion similar to ‘my dog is the most intelligent dog ever’ or ‘my child is the smartest kid in his class’, but if I don’t believe in my book no one else will.

Most days I’m excited, and hopeful, about finding a publisher (or literary agent) who sees as much potential in my book as I do. Although, every so often I’ll unintentionally let the confidence-crushing sense of doubt creep into my mind and I’ll feel the overwhelming impossibility of someone like me – unpublished, unknown and without a personal connection to help me navigate the maze of walls and locked doors of the literary community.

Any other writers experiencing this?

Any authors with suggestion on how to get passed these obstacles?

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