A Few of the ‘Special’ Items

Listed below are a few examples of the magical relics found in the Secret img_0370Keeper story.   However, since this story is largely based on secrets,  I can only list a few.   Don’t worry, when the book is published all will be revealed.

All of the items, or relics in the book(s) are in some way essential to how Santa Claus can create the toys, deliver them around the world in one night or conceal his presence and identity.

Blizzard Maker: A blue marble that, when shaken, creates a blanket of snow on the ground (The sleigh has blades, so it can’t land in tropical locations without snow)

Silver Bells: Gives the reindeer the ability to fly (Reindeer really can’t fly on their own)

Red Velvet Bag of Chocolates: A bag of chocolates that never empties

Secret Keeper: Gold chain of holly leaves that protects the wearer from revealing secrets


Related Ledgends and Folklore

We’ve all heard the statement ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’.   Some of the best fiction writing is based on true events or real characters.  The holiday related stories are no exception to this fact.  Below are a few of the ‘true’ legends told around the world.  The Secret Keeper Series does, or will, incorporate these stories and/or characters  into the plot lines.  As you’ll see, these truths are definitely stranger than fiction.


Befana, An ugly, but Kind old witch that delivers presents on the eve of Epiphany – img_0402January 5

Spinata, the oldest and wisest spider, leads a group of spiders that set out during the night to cover the Christmas trees of poor people with spider webs. In the morning the sun shines through causing the web to look like silver and gold tinsel

Legend: Two poor children left a bare bouquet of weedy branches. The other children laughed at their gift. The branches began to sprout clusters of red star-shaped flowers. The flowers became known as Flores de Noche Buena (Flowers of the Holy Night).

At Christmas people hide their brooms. People believe the witches search for brooms to be used for flying around. Hiding the broom will keep evil spirits out of the house.

Krampus is a nightmarish horned demon known as “Santa’s Enforcer” or “Holiday Devil. Krampus visits bad children and leaves Coal and Birch Twigs called “Ruten.” Ruten bundles cause pain and suffering.
Krolley is Krampus’s younger brother. Krolley was treated horribly by his brother, but instead of turning bad he is good and caring.

Yule Lads – 13 troll brothers who live in a cave deep in the mountains. They are led by Gryla. Gryla eats bad children. They have a pet Yule Cat (Wildcat) he eats people who have not gotten new clothes for Christmas

Kallikantzaroi: Evil underground goblins that surface during the twelve days of Christmas to torment mortals. They like to enter homes through chimneys and doorways. Easily foiled – Leaving a colander outside the doorway will keep them from getting in. Burning stinky shoes will keep them from coming down the chimney.

Pere Fouettard – “Enforcer”
Legend: An innkeeper who killed three rich boys for the money they carried. He cooked them into stew. St Nicholas brought the boys back. Pere has been a servant ever-since

Families gather with lighted candles to build a bonfire of thorn bushes. People sing as the bushes burn. If the thorns turn to ashes good-luck is granted for the next year. When the fire dies out, people jump over the ashes and get one wish. The bishop blesses one person with a touch. That person touches the person next to them until everyone has been blessed.

Meet A Few Of The Characters

Walter, Journal Writer

Walter is just your average twelve year old boy. With his nondescript blondish-brown hair and gray eyes he often goes unnoticed by the people around him. Walter lives in Kings Village. He’s lived there all his life. Despite this, he’s never really had a best friend. If truth be told, he’s never really had any friends. That’s why he is so excited to meet Christopher and Nikolas Frost, the twin boys who just moved into town. Walter and Chris become friends. As Walter learns more about Chris and the Frost family, he begins to suspect they have some secrets. It doesn’t take long before Walter realizes his suspicions are not only justified, but the secrets are much bigger than he imagined.

Christopher Frost

Chris is the younger of the Frost family twins. His crystal blue eyes and blonde hair look identical to his brothers, with a few exceptions – Chris’s eyes have a light, playful sparkle to them and due to his ever-present grin, the dimples in his cheeks are a little deeper and more pronounced.

Nikolas Frost

Nikolas is the eldest of the Frost twins. As the eldest, Nikolas is the blood-heir destined to become the next Santa Claus. Nikolas decides at an early age he deserves more than what his family and his ancestors have settled for centuries.  He believes His family should reveal the truth to the world. Nikolas makes a choice that results in the death of his uncle. This decision starts him down the path to evil. Once on this path, Nikolas begins to change. His selfish ways and hunger for power corrupt him. His future choices continue to lead him further down the path of evil. Over time these actions slowly drain the goodness from him, until one day there is nothing left but evil. He is consumed by an overpowering need for power.

Noelle Frost

Noelle is the younger sister of Nikolas and Chris – Noelle is plump, pretty and keenly intelligent. When things begin to happen to her family Noelle tries to warn them, but her family refuses to believe her. Noelle seeks help from Walter, her brother’s best friend and the only person who knows the truth about her family.


Eurotas is a large blue-eyed deer with exceptionally large antlers. He first appears when he approaches Walter, Nikolas and Chris as the walk through the woods.  Discovered later, Eurotas is a friend of Noelle’s. Eurotas is the first to notice the events in the woods that threatens to destroy the town.  When he warns Noelle, they go to Walter for help. With the help of Noelle’s bells, Eurotas is able to fly.  Eurotas flies to edge of town with Noelle and Walter inside a old, rusty cart harnessed to him to show them how the ground is sinking.

Walter and the Secret Keeper (Book One)

img_0394Everything you’ve heard about Santa Claus is true – but that’s only part of the story.

People believe Santa Claus is just a fairy tale. A story told to children at Christmas. The truth, however is that Santa Claus is real and like you’ve been told he does fly through the sky in a sleigh pulled by reindeer to deliver presents on Christmas Eve.

Santa Claus does exist, but he does not live forever. For centuries the legacy of Santa Claus has been passed down from parent to child.   In fact, other than some ‘special abilities’ Santa Claus is just like everyone else. What he does have, is some pretty amazing items that transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Nearly eighteen centuries ago Saint Nicholas began secretly leaving img_0353coins in shoes and dropping gifts down chimneys. Saint Nicholas’ selfless actions, generosity and acts of good have continued through his descendants. When Saint Nicholas died on December 6 in the year 243 he was survived by his son and daughter. Since then, every generation of Frost family has had two children. The first child is a son, and the second child is a daughter. At least that’s the way it was until Ivy Frost gave birth to not one son, but two, twins.

The Frosts, like their ancestors before them, have dedicated their lives to bringing joy into the world. For centuries the knowledge, skills and expectation of being born into the lineage of Santa Claus has been passed down from parent to child.

Nicky Frost had spent his life preparing to become the next Santa Claus. When a tragic and mysterious accident ends Nicky’s life, Nikolas, the elder of the Frost twins, becomes the next blood-heir destined to become Santa Claus.

Nikolas, however, is not all he appears to be…

Walter is a shy, lonely boy whose lived in Kings Village all of his life. Despite this, he’s never really had a best friend.  Walter is excited to meet the Frost family when they move into town. Walter becomes friends with Chris, the younger of the Frost twins. Through this friendship, Walter learns the truth about Santa Claus, but the truth isn’t all he discovers. Things begin to happen around him that cannot be explained. With the assistance of his new friend, Walter uncovers an evil plot that if not stopped, could destroy the Frost family, devastate the town and endanger the lives of everyone living in it.