Meet A Few Of The Characters


img_0353Walter, Journal Writer

Walter is just your average boy. With his nondescript blondish-brown hair and gray eyes he often goes unnoticed by the people around him. Walter lives in Kings Village. He’s lived there all his life. Despite this, he’s never really had a best friend. If truth be told, he’s never really had any friends. That’s why he is so excited to meet Christopher and Nikolas Frost, the twin boys who just moved into town. Walter and Chris become friends. As Walter learns more about Chris and the Frost family, he begins to suspect they have some secrets. It doesn’t take long before Walter realizes his suspicions are not only justified, but the secrets are much bigger than he imagined.

Christopher Frost

Chris is the younger of the Frost family twins. His crystal blue eyes and blonde hair look identical to his brothers, with a few exceptions – Chris’s eyes have a light, playful sparkle to them and due to his ever-present grin, the dimples in his cheeks are a little deeper and more pronounced.

Nikolas Frost

Nikolas is the eldest of the Frost twins. As the eldest, Nikolas is the blood-heir destined to become the next Santa Claus. Nikolas decides at an early age he deserves more than what his family and his ancestors have settled for centuries. He believes His family should reveal the truth to the world. Nikolas makes a choice that results in the death of his uncle. This decision starts him down the path to evil. Once on this path, Nikolas begins to change. His selfish ways and hunger for power corrupt him. His future choices continue to lead him further down the path of evil. Over time these actions slowly drain the goodness from him, until one day there is nothing left but evil. He is consumed by an overpowering need for power.

Noelle Frost

Noelle is the younger sister of Nikolas and Chris – Noelle is plump, pretty and keenly intelligent. When things begin to happen to her family Noelle tries to warn them, but her family refuses to believe her. Noelle seeks help from Walter, her brother’s best friend and the only person who knows the truth about her family.


Eurotas is a large blue-eyed deer with exceptionally large antlers. He first appears when he approaches Walter, Nikolas and Chris as the walk through the woods. Discovered later, Eurotas is a friend of Noelle’s. Eurotas is the first to notice the events in the woods that threatens to destroy the town. When he warns Noelle, they go to Walter for help. With the help of Noelle’s bells, Eurotas is able to fly. Eurotas flies to edge of town with Noelle and Walter inside a old, rusty cart harnessed to him to show them how the ground is sinking.


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