A Few of the ‘Special’ Items

Listed below are a few examples of the magical relics found in the Secret Keeper story.   However, since this story is largely based on secrets,  I can only list a few.   Don’t worry, when the book is published all will be revealed. All of the items, or relics in the book(s) are inContinue reading “A Few of the ‘Special’ Items”

Related Ledgends and Folklore

We’ve all heard the statement ‘Truth is stranger than fiction’.   Some of the best fiction writing is based on true events or real characters.  The holiday related stories are no exception to this fact.  Below are a few of the ‘true’ legends told around the world.  The Secret Keeper Series does, or will, incorporateContinue reading “Related Ledgends and Folklore”

Meet A Few Of The Characters

Walter, Journal Writer Walter is just your average twelve year old boy. With his nondescript blondish-brown hair and gray eyes he often goes unnoticed by the people around him. Walter lives in Kings Village. He’s lived there all his life. Despite this, he’s never really had a best friend. If truth be told, he’s neverContinue reading “Meet A Few Of The Characters”

Walter and the Secret Keeper (Book One)

Everything you’ve heard about Santa Claus is true – but that’s only part of the story. People believe Santa Claus is just a fairy tale. A story told to children at Christmas. The truth, however is that Santa Claus is real and like you’ve been told he does fly through the sky in a sleighContinue reading “Walter and the Secret Keeper (Book One)”