Walter and the Secret Keeper – Meet Spence

Spence is one of the elves who moved to the ‘south’ with the Frost family.   He is intelligent, but impulsive. He acts without thinking about the consequences. His brash, compulsive behavior often puts him, and everyone around him, in danger. He lacks the ability to sensor his comments during polite conversation. His unfiltered commentsContinue reading “Walter and the Secret Keeper – Meet Spence”

A plan Emerges Out Of The Darkness

Hiding that fact your family is descendants of Santa Claus is no easy task.  Especially when you live with elves, build millions of toys each year and secretly deliver them to children all around the world. This, however, is something the Frost family must do…  Mrs. Frost wants more for her children. She wants themContinue reading “A plan Emerges Out Of The Darkness”

Character Illustration For Blog Followers

I am a writer, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  I started drawing pictures as a way of connecting with my characters.  I recently started adding my ‘illustrations’ (term used very loosely) to my writing as a way to help others visualize the characters in my head, to the ones I was tryingContinue reading “Character Illustration For Blog Followers”

The Truth Behind the Fairy Tale

It’s nearly impossible to keep a secret of any significance in the world today. Everything we do, say and write is captured and available for everyone to see. Cell phone towers track our locations. Security cameras record our actions. Businesses track our purchases. Our friends and neighbors post personal pictures of us. A complete recordContinue reading “The Truth Behind the Fairy Tale”

Unseen Evil

Nearly eighteen centuries have passed since Saint Nicholas began secretly leaving coins in shoes and dropping gifts down chimneys. Saint Nicholas’ selfless actions, generosity and acts of good-will have continued through his decedents. When Saint Nicholas died on December 6 in the year 243 he was survived by his son and daughter. Since then, everyContinue reading “Unseen Evil”

Walter and the Secret Keeper

I am currently seeking an agent or publisher who sees the enormous potential in the Secret Keeper books.  Walter and the Secret Keeper is complete at approximately 100,000 words.  I am looking for an individual I can partner with long-term. I welcome comments, suggestions and editorial advice.  I believe that any writing project, whether it’sContinue reading “Walter and the Secret Keeper”