The Truth

Since the beginning of time there has been a battle between good and evil. ‘Gildens’ have been using lies and deceit to corrupt people and guide them down the path of evil; while ‘Heralds’ have been emulating love and compassion to lead people down the path of good.

The most enduring of these Heralds is Santa Claus.

The Tale

Everyone knows the story of Santa Claus. He lives in the North Pole with the elves. On Christmas Eve, he flies through the sky in a sleigh pulled by flying reminder. He delivers presents to all the good children and leaves a lump of coal in the stockings of all the bad children.

The Truth

Most people believe Santa Claus is just a fairy tale. A story told to children at Christmas. The truth, however, is that Santa Claus is real and like you’ve been told, he does exist. Unlike in the fairy tale though, Santa does not live forever. For centuries the legacy of Santa Claus has been passed down from parent to child. In fact, other than some special ‘abilities’ Santa Claus is just like everyone else. What he does have, is some pretty amazing items that transform something ordinary into something extraordinary.

Historical Information

Nearly eighteen centuries ago Saint Nicholas began secretly leaving coins in shoes and dropping gifts down chimneys. Saint Nicholas’ selfless actions, generosity and acts of good have continued through his decedents. When Saint Nicholas died on December 6 in the year 243 he was survived by his son and daughter. Since then, every generation of Frost family has had two children. The first child was a son, and the second child was a daughter. At least that’s the way it was until Ivy Frost gave birth to not one son, but two, twins.

Walter and the Secret Keeper – Summary


Walter is a shy, lonely boy whose lived in Kings Village all of his life. Despite this, he’s img_0394never really had a best friend. If truth be told, he’s never really had any friends. That’s why Walter is excited to meet the Frost family when they unexpectedly move into town. Walter becomes friends with Chris, the younger of the Frost twins. As their friendship grows, Walter see’s things happen around the Frosts that cannot be explained.

Through this friendship, Walter learns the truth about Santa Claus, but the truth isn’t all he discovers. With the assistance of his new friend, they uncover an evil plot that if not stopped, could destroy the Frost family, devastate the town and endanger the lives of everyone living in it.

The Frosts

The Frosts, like their ancestors before them, have dedicated their lives to bringing joy into the world. For centuries the knowledge, skills and expectation of being born into the lineage of Santa Claus has been passed down from parent to child

Nicky Frost had spent his life preparing to become the next Santa Claus. When a tragic and mysterious accident ends Nicky’s life, Nikolas, the elder of the Frost twins, becomes the next blood-heir destined to become Santa Claus.

Nikolas is different. He’s unlike any blood heir before him. He doesn’t want to give selflessly like his ancestors have done for centuries. He feels the time has come to reveal the truth. He believes his family should use their abilities to gain wealth and power, instead of working all year just to give everything away without any recognition. Although only twelve, Nikolas secretly begins to plan for the day when he will reveal the truth and begin his quest for the power and wealth he deserves.

Ivy’s Decision

When Nicky Frost dies, his sister Ivy, decides her children should experience life outside of the cold, isolated North. Her father, the current Santa Claus, agrees to the move, but only if her children, Nikolas, Christopher and Noelle continue their training. The Frost children need to fully understand the expectations of being born into the lineage of Saint Nicholas. Ivy and her family move to Kings Village, small, quiet, southern town. Kings Village seems ideal. It is seasonably warm year-round and has an old, abandoned coal mine beneath it. Access to coal is essential since It is placed inside the socks of naughty children on Christmas Eve.

To help disguise their identity and abilities and have somewhere to conduct their training without being discovered the Frosts open a toy-chocolate shop.

The building the Frost move into is old and dilapidated. It was built many year ago by the mining company. When the mine closed the occupants packed up their belongings and move on. The poorly constructed house has been vacant ever since. The years of neglect have rendered the building virtually unlivable.

Walter begins to suspect there’s more to the Frost’s than what there appears to be when he stops by to see Chris a week after they move in. The old, abandoned, dilapidate building they moved into is completely changed. It has been transformed into a shop that looks almost brand new, an impossibility given the state the building just a week ago.

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