After all is said and done, only the truth remains

It’s nearly impossible to keep a secret of any significance in the world today. Everything we do, say and write is captured and available for everyone to see. Cell phone towers track our locations. Security cameras record our actions. Businesses track our purchases. Our friends and neighbors post personal pictures of us.  A complete record of our lives can be mapped out by anyone who has a couple of hours and a good computer search engine.

I said ‘nearly’ impossible. There is still one world-altering revelation that has not been revealed… at least, not yet.  Secrets are often thought of as a single truth that is undisclosed to the people around us. This is not that type of secret. This is a secret of epic proportions.  It is a story told in almost every country. A myth repeated by people of different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The story may vary somewhat by location, but at its core it is the same tale. Without exception, it is told under the illusion it is fiction. This secret is not that what is being told is untrue. This secret is that the fairy tale told around the world is actually true.  However, what you know is part of the story.

Nearly eighteen centuries ago Saint Nicholas began secretly leaving coins in shoes and dropping gifts down chimneys.  Saint Nicholas’ selfless actions, generosity and acts of good have continued through his decedents. When Saint Nicholas died on December sixth in the year two hundred forty three he was survived by his son and daughter. Since then, every generation of Frost family has had two children. The first child is a son, and the second child is a daughter. At least that’s the way it was until Ivy Frost gave birth to not one son, but two, twins.

The Frosts, like their ancestors before them, have dedicated their lives to bringing joy into the world. For centuries the knowledge, skills and expectation of being born into the lineage of Santa Claus has been passed down from parent to child.

Nicky Frost had spent his life preparing to become the next Santa Claus. When a tragic and mysterious accident ends Nicky’s life, Nikolas, the elder of the Frost twins, becomes the next blood-heir destined to become Santa Claus.

Nikolas, however, is not all he appears to be…

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