Silvia and Sophia’s Perilous Journey

img_0374Tap, tap, tap…

Silvia looked out her bedroom window.   Eurotas, the huge deer she had met in the forest, was hovering in the sky outside her second floor room. His head was tilted awkwardly.  He was using the tip of his massive antler to tap on the window pane.  As Silvia stared in disbelief, a beam of muted moonlight illuminated something behind Eurotas. The darkness faded into light as the cloud drifted passed the full moon. Sophia was hovering in the sky behind Eurotas. She was sitting in something that looked an awful-lot like an old rusty wheel-barrow. Silvia quickly opened the window. Eurotas repositioned himself so Sophia was now in front of the window.
“What are you doing here?” Silvia asked.
“Get in. There’s something I need to show you.”
Silvia hesitated; She could see slivers of moon-lit ground through rust-holes in the bottom of the wagon. There were also cracks along the wagan edge that looked like sections of the sides were about to fall off at any moment.
“I don’t think I’ll fit.”
“Of course you will. There’s plenty of space.”
“It’s a bit rickety isn’t it?”
“I had to improvise.” Sophia said. “Come on, get in, we don’t have any time to lose.”
Silvia climbed up onto the window ledge. “Okay,” She said as she blindly stepped into the night.
She felt the cart shift beneath her the moment her feet touched the rusty bottom. She grabbed the edge as the cart started to plummet downwards. Eurotas’s hooves kicked around her head as he struggled desperately to gain traction in nothing but air. Sophia plunged a hand into a cloth sack she had tied around her waist. Her other hand was gripped firmly onto the edge of the wagon. With lightning speed she pulled out a handful of silver objects. She stuck them onto the thick cord that connected the wagon to the harness Eurotas was wearing. The silver objects began to jingle loudly.
“Are those bells?” Silvia asked as the cart began to level.
Before Sophia could reply the wagon began to shake violently. Pieces of the rusty steel started to break free and fall to the ground. The wagon shifted again. This time however, it started to skyrocket upwards. Silvia saw Eurotas’s eyes pop when the wagon flew past him. His long legs were flailing about uselessly when the wagon started to drag him up into the night sky.
One of Silvia’s hands unexpectedly broke free. Her white knuckled hand was flapping wildly like one of Eurotas’s hooves. The piece of rusty metal She clung to was no longer connected to the old wagon. She started to panic when the side of the wagon she held with her other hand began to rip free.
“Do something,” silvia yelled, “this thing is falling apart!” She didn’t know what she expected Sopia to do, but somehow yelling made me feel a better.

Sophia reached up and tried to grab the harness. The wagon was almost vertical now. The steep angle and pressure of the wind caused her to slide backwards. She began to slip further and further away from bells she attached a moment ago. “Pull two off! Pull two off!” Sophia screamed to Silvia.

Silvia reached up, but she couldn’t reach the bells either. She stretched her arm up as far as she could. The bells were definitely out of reach. She tried to pull herself closer to the bells, but her arms were tired and sore for earlier that day. The wind was getting colder. He fingers were starting to get numb. She forced her rubbery arms to pull her forward. She ignored the pain shooting through her arms and shoulders. She kept pulling until she thought she was close enough to reach the jingling bells. She reached up; she felt the thick cord brush against the tips of her fingers. Just a little more. She rallied her strength and pulled herself upward again. This time she felt the cold steel of a bell brush against her skin. The cord swung away when she tried to grab it. She focused on the bells above her and with one final heave she let go of the cart and propelled herself upward. For a moment she thought she had missed the cord. Visions of plummeting to her death flashed in her mind. But then, suddenly, she felt the soft texture of the velvet cord under her hand. She grabbed it tightly. She reached up with my other hand and pulled two of the bells off.
The wagon slowed down and righted itself….

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