A plan Emerges Out Of The Darkness

Hiding that fact your family is descendants of Santa Claus is no easy task.  Especially when you live with elves, build millions of toys each year and secretly deliver them to children all around the world. This, however, is something the Frost family must do… 

Mrs. Frost wants more for her children. She wants them to have the opportunities she and her brother never had. She believes the best way do this is to let them grow up in a ‘normal’ town. To make friends their own age. To understand they have choices and not just obligations. The Frost family decides to leave the cold North, where their ancestor’s have lived for centuries, and move to a southern part of the world.

Kings Village is perfect. It’s small, quiet and warm. It has an old, vacant building they turn into a toy store and chocolate shop. There is also an old, abandoned coal mine beneath it. As you know, one essential part of the gift-giving process is having access to coal. Traditionally, bad children receive a lump of coal instead of a present. IMG_0420

Odd things start to happen in Kings Village shortly after the Frost’s Arrive. Small things at first, things barely noticeable. Slowly things start to get worse. Some incidents include: A vandalize warehouse, the destruction of the school and the death of one of the residents.

Something is happening beneath the town. Someone, in the dark tunnels below, has set a plan in motion that, if not stopped, will destroy the town and kill everyone in it.

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