Character Illustration For Blog Followers

I am a writer, at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  I started drawing pictures as a way of connecting with my characters.  I recently started adding my ‘illustrations’ (term used very loosely) to my writing as a way to help others visualize the characters in my head, to the ones I was trying to describe on paper (I know, technically it’s a computer screen, but it doesn’t read as well using that term).

I going to state the obvious – I am not a professional artist/illustrator. However, I do think visuals help enhance a story for books focused on younger readers (and to some degree, older readers).

A few writers of children’s books have contacted me about the character pictures I have on my site.   I would be happy to draw a couple (1 or 2) free illustrations for a new writer if you:

  1. Are an unpublished/unrepresented writer of stories for younger readers (Many of us are trying to get published and the best way for us to reach that goal is to help each other out)
  2. Can provide a fairly detailed description of what you are looking for (I can only do characters, not scenes)
  3. Have less artistic ability than I do
  4. Have very low expectations


  1. I like to draw, so theses would be provided with NO past, present or future obligation, financial or otherwise. (I know there can’t be ‘past’ obligation, but it’s a general catch-all phrase)
  2. Contacting\requesting me for a picture does guarantee one will be drawn. I may, or may not, choose create a picture for you, depending on various factors. Mainly, if I can actually draw it
  3. I’m just trying to do something nice, so please don’t judge to harshly

You can see more examples of my work on my website at:
Feel free to contact me to review

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