The Truth Behind the Fairy Tale

img_0355-1It’s nearly impossible to keep a secret of any significance in the world today. Everything we do, say and write is captured and available for everyone to see. Cell phone towers track our locations. Security cameras record our actions. Businesses track our purchases. Our friends and neighbors post personal pictures of us. A complete record of our lives can be mapped out by anyone who has a couple of hours and a good computer search engine.

I said ‘nearly’ impossible. There is still one world-altering revelation that has not been revealed, at least, not yet. Secrets are often thought of as a single truth that is undisclosed to the people around us. This is not that type of secret. This is a secret of epic proportions. It is a story told in almost every country. A myth repeated by people of different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. The story may vary somewhat by location, but at its core it is the same tale. Without exception, it is told under the illusion it is fiction. This secret is not that what is being told is untrue. This secret is that the fairy tale told around the world is actually true.

img_0370Although, this story spans several centuries, the events written in Walter and the Secret Keeper are from a specific point in time. As secret stories often do, this one begins in a very unlikely place, in a little brick house with a tall, crooked chimney. Although, the house is located in the center of a thriving city, few people know of its existence. It is nestled within a grove of poplar trees, surrounded by office buildings, coffee shops and retail stores. You cannot find this house on Google Maps, or locate it on Map Quest. The computerized voice of your GPS will always proclaim “Address Not Found.” There is a constant stream of people walking passed, brief cases and double lattes in hand, but they don’t see it. But, that’s not surprising. People often don’t see what is right in front of them.

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