Unseen Evil

img_0412Nearly eighteen centuries have passed since Saint Nicholas began secretly leaving coins in shoes and dropping gifts down chimneys. Saint Nicholas’ selfless actions, generosity and acts of good-will have continued through his decedents. When Saint Nicholas died on December 6 in the year 243 he was survived by his son and daughter. Since then, every new generation of Frosts has had two children. The first child is a son, and the second child is a daughter. At least that’s the way it was until Ivy Frost gave birth to not one son, but two, twins.

When Nicky Frost is killed in a tragic accident Nikolas, the older of the Frost twins, becomes the next blood-heir to become Santa Claus. Nikolas is different. He doesn’t want to give selflessly like his ancestors have done for centuries. He feels the time has come to reveal the truth. He believes his family should use their abilities to gain wealth and power, instead of working all year just to give everything away without any recognition. Although only twelve, Nikolas secretly begins to plan for the day when he will reveal the truth and begin his quest for the power and wealth he deserves.

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