A Few of the ‘Special’ Items

Listed below are a few examples of the magical relics found in the Secret img_0370Keeper story.   However, since this story is largely based on secrets,  I can only list a few.   Don’t worry, when the book is published all will be revealed.

All of the items, or relics in the book(s) are in some way essential to how Santa Claus can create the toys, deliver them around the world in one night or conceal his presence and identity.

Blizzard Maker: A blue marble that, when shaken, creates a blanket of snow on the ground (The sleigh has blades, so it can’t land in tropical locations without snow)

Silver Bells: Gives the reindeer the ability to fly (Reindeer really can’t fly on their own)

Red Velvet Bag of Chocolates: A bag of chocolates that never empties

Secret Keeper: Gold chain of holly leaves that protects the wearer from revealing secrets


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